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Kelly’s Dance Studio

Today’s News

Last Updated 9/01/21

Hello Everyone:

Here is what’s going on July- September:

(1) We are registering for the 2021-2022 season. To register, simply go to our schedule listing- find the time/class that you want and then visit our online registration and follow the prompts!

5.  We are having another Open House on Saturday, September 11th (11:15-12:30 pm).  We just throw open our doors, have info and cookies and Faeries!  Come have a look!  

6.   Classes begin after Labor Day.  The first week of classes (Sept. 7th-10th) is a “meet and greet.”  We ask that you and your dancer come in and take care of paperwork, gather info, anything that you may need to do.   If you want to order your dancer’s shoes, we take care of that during this week.  You can find more info in the menu under, “Dancewear Requirements.”  We size, order and deliver for your convenience!

Orientation Schedule:

Monday, September 6th- Studio is closed for Labor Day

*Monday Dancers you may choose between coming Tuesday 7:00 or Wednesday 7:15

Tuesday dancers please come at your regular class time.

*Special Note- Girls in Tuesday 6:45 class if you are on Dance Team- we will have a team practice 7-8:00 on this nite.

Wednesday Dancers- Please come at your regular class time.

Thursday Dancers- Please come at your regular class time.

*Special Note- The Adult Class will not have orientation.  We will take care of everything our first nite of dancing- September 16th!

Friday- Studio Closed.

*Special Note- Please remember that this class will dance on Mondays or Wednesdays until mid-November!

7.    We begin actually dancing the week of September 13th. September is tshirts and shorts- NO Dancewear.  The first week of October is “I’m A Kelly’s Girl” dancer.  We wear our dance clothing, our new shoes are handed out and we celebrate with pictures and cupcakes!  This makes things a bit easier, especially with our open registration style thru the Fall.  We also do an “Invite A Friend” week during September.